How do photovoltaic plants work?

Photovoltaic solar energy is obtained by converting sunlight into electricity using a technology based on the photoelectric effect. It is a type of renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy that can be produced in installations ranging from small generators for self-consumption to large photovoltaic plants. Discover how these huge solar fields work.

ATS can help you to make the most of renewable energy with a range of services:

Full Solar PV

Solar Battery Storage

Solar Panel Cleaning

ATS work process for Solar Panel

Here at ATS, our mission is to create a sustainable future for the planet. We do this by making it quick and efficient for homes and businesses to move to renewable solar energy.

With solar panel installation, your property can capture and harness energy from the sun (even in extreme conditions). This is a fantastic way to power your home or business with environmentally friendly solar energy and help you to move towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

This is what our work process looks like:

⦿ We evaluate your property to understand your needs.
⦿ Our experts can advise you on the best ways to go green.
⦿ Quality solar solutions are installed.
⦿ A demo is conducted for better understanding.
⦿ Maintenance and cleaning on your request.

Solar Energy

Solar Panels

We Provide You With A Sustainable Future Of Energy

Your property runs smoothly and seamlessly when the fundamentals on which it is built are sustainable. Performing all the basic and advanced energy-based activities is possible without damaging the environment and your wallet is one of the benefits of our Solar Panel services.

From choosing the right solar solution for your needs to installing it, and maintaining it, we offer you a wholesome service which you can get you ready for a clean lifestyle where you can save money over a period of time.

Battery Storage

Energy self-sufficiency and independence is not a far away dream for the industry and businesses. Adapting to the energy sustainable practices with the help of solar batteries you store power for whenever you need it. Installing battery storage reduces your reliance on the electrical grid, and decreases the required money you have to put in your energy supplier’s pocket.
How does the battery storage works?
As solar panels are being used widely across the world, the users are also installing battery storage systems to make the most of the solar panels. These batteries work like a rechargeable battery. These batteries get charged by the sun’s power

Solar Battery
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

It is clear that buying and installing a solar energy generating solution such as solar panels is a great start towards adapting to a green lifestyle. However, your duty does not end there. It is important that you clean those panels after a certain duration, regularly. Cleaned solar panels will perform efficiently.
ATS is able to provide, manual or robotic cleaning system to the customer.

Energy Management

Energy Auditing is to inspect energy waste points in a facility and to suggest engineering solutions in order to save energy consumption.

Energy Management
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