ATS works to protect built assets by managing and executing maintenance works in a safe and efficient manner with extensive planned preventive maintenance regimes enabling responsiveness when defects occur and reactive when repair services are needed. We believe in carrying out our MEP services with minimum disruption to achieve high standards of performance, quality with convenience for building tenants and visitors.
Our specialists can manage and operate all projects with detailed knowledge of the industry and the highest standards of professionalism 

Services include

► Consult a facility management strategy
► Advice and support on the application of improved systems, structures and procedures

► Integrated cost management analysis
► Analysis of service charges
► Control the selection of service provider and management quality

►Risk assessment & provision of risk management systems
► Conduct asset surveys, inventory of assets and database of the Facilities Management System

► Application of standard operating methodologies and procedures
► Providing professional reports on performance management

► Monitor work practices and prevent negative trends through surveillance Preventive Maintenance
► Transition and handover management

► Asset coding in Computer Aided Facilities Management System
► Master PPM planning
► Specialty subcontract management 


Conducting survey & trouble shooting for existing building services because they invariably lose peak efficiency and become difficult to control due to inefficient maintenance or possibly modification to system, fabric or occupancy since installation. ATS is able to carry out surveys of existing building installation including.

Computerized maintenance management systems with a dedicated and fully integrated helpdesk that maintains a computer database of information about organization’s maintenance operations. This will help management to make informed decisions and to properly control the maintenance of a facility,
A CMMS also allows for record keeping, to track completed and assigned tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

The purpose of preventive maintenance to help keep system up and running, preventing any unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated system failure, this can be achieved through implementing a planned periodic maintenance system which is built to meet with the real site conditions and weather variables. ATS can provide planning and scheduling the preventive maintenance through studying the project circumstances and the manufacturer’s literature as we as provide qualified manpower to fulfill the needed site works

ATS Soft Facilities Management Scope is tailored to meet the project requirements through all contract period; in order to ensure a useful life, maintain an attractive appearance and provide efficient functional performance of systems and facilities.

Cleaning Services
ATS to provide a comprehensive Cleaning Service throughout the premises delivered in a safe and efficient manner. The Service Provider shall take responsibility for maintaining all internal cleanable areas including fixtures, fittings, furniture and finishes, to minimize degradation, enhance asset life cycle and ensure high standards and image are maintained. The Service Provider is required to provide a high-quality service within the scope of this Specification. The standard as specified is to be evident at the start of each day and maintained throughout the hours.
ATS will undertake all tasks normally associated with a professional cleaning contract, to ensure that facilities, areas and working premises, furniture and floor spaces, are maintained to a high level of general cleanliness and remain presentable and fit for their intended purpose.  

The importance of creating oriented and accurate maintenance reports comes from its ability to keep the whole process of facility management enlighten and aware of all the possible problems as well as helps in keeping a continuous timely and cost-effective manner of operation. ATS through the gained experience in using the CMMS’s created reports as well as preparing periodic manual reports can keep the whole process of operation and maintenance of the facility under control all the time.

The purpose HSE procedures is to study and implement practical aspects of environmental protection and safety at work, ATS and due to its zero-accident culture will create organized procedures for identifying work place hazards and will train and retrain periodically the FM team which can reduce the possibility of accidents and harmful situations.

Videntium Facility & Asset Management

ATS able to provide Videntium which is designed to be compact, adaptable, modular, user friendly, live and less time-consuming.  
With Mobile Applications: Android & IOS

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